GLIDE Stands for ‘Global Leaders in International Disability Education’.

The organization was established to provide financial assistance to disabled students interested in education exchange experiences to foster an inclusive society in which anyone can lead an independent and self-determined life. GLIDE Fund, Inc. is an established 501(c)(3) organization. All contributions to the Fund are fully tax deductible as allowed by law in each territory.

BUILDING An Accessible Future

16% of the world’s population lives with a disability. Fully Accessible Education Institutions are not well documented on the Internet or social media. Even when they are, they usually do not include video, images, or an explanation of how they are adapted. The GLIDE Fund is here to change that!

Our goal is to carry on the legacy of Dr. Mark Bookman and spark dialogue surrounding the ways architects, engineers, educators, policy makers and other interested parties can help improve access to built environments, and through the GLIDE Fund, a network of disabled University students will receive scholarships to travel globally to learn, train, and be motivated to share ideas and bring about greater change and awareness in the community throughout the world.

Mark – A call to Action

The documentary “Mark – A Call to Action” shares Mark’s story and how his tireless efforts helped raise awareness and positively impacted the lives of not only disabled persons, but also children, seniors and vulnerable populations in the United States, Japan and other countries around the world.

Our hope with this documentary is to carry on Mark’s legacy and spark conversations about the ways in which architects, engineers, educators, policy makers, activists and others interested in making a difference – can help improve access, and build environments that enhance the lives of the millions living with disabilities.

The goal is to create a platform for disabled university students to apply for the opportunity to receive scholarships to travel and further their educations – which in turn will help motivate them to share ideas, affect change and raise awareness of their community throughout the world.

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