Nagase Osamu Glide Fund Board Member

Glide fund board member nagase osamu

Glide Fund, Board Member Nagase Osamu has an impressive resume and his dedication to raising the voices of those with disabilities, in our opinion is unmatched. 

The Premiere of “Mark – A Call To Action” was a pivotal point for the friendship that Mark and Nagase shared over the years. At the time of filming, while plans were being made for the future of GLIDE FUND, INC. and the roles and responsibilities that each of them would have for the continuation of the message – they would have no way of knowing that a few months later, Dr. Mark Bookman would pass away unexpectedly. 

The PREMIERE of the film in Tokyo was a resounding success and we are pleased to share this video of Nagase sensei speaking at his alma mater, Sophia University following the screening.