Howdy Homemade Ice Cream in the great state of Texas.

Job Creation Foundation Feat. Howdy Homemade

One of the many purposes of Glide Fund is to highlight stories from around the world relating to overcoming disability. And this story involves my dear friend Bob Sambol from Dallas, Texas.

Bob Sambol is a famed Dallas Restaurateur and we’ve been friends since 1993 when he opened Bob’s Steak & Chop House. Fast forward to today and we are still great friends, but also business partners in the Steak House Hall of Fame.

One day we were on a Zoom call, and he asked me about this “disability” project he saw me posting about on my Facebook page. He was speaking about our newest documentary release “Mark – A Call to Action” from Glide Fund and I was happy to give him all the details up to that moment in time. He then asked if I wanted to know what he was involved in. To my delight he regaled me with a story about wanting to give back to the community by starting the Job Creation Foundation with business associates, and friends, Mark Lindberg and Carell Grass, designed to find jobs for disabled individuals.  

What a unique situation that we were both involved in the disability space at the same time. The more he told me the more I knew his organization needed a promotional video and we at Glide were happy to do it. This first of many stories surrounds a Dallas-based company that provides jobs for folks with Down Syndrome and Autism called Howdy Homemade. 

Including such luminaries as legendary Football Coaches Gene Stallings and Dabo Swinney, plus Hollywood’s Matthew McConaughey, we at Glide Fund are proud to present this heart-warming promotional video from the Job Creation Foundation. 

And don’t forget… if you know a great story of overcoming disability from anywhere in the world, we want to know about it.  Who knows, they might find themselves on Glide Fund.