Ron Small


Ron Small began his media career in New Orleans during his pre-med studies at Tulane University, producing, directing and voicing nearly 1,000 local, regional and national TV and radio commercials before moving to Los Angeles for his real education.

From these auspicious beginnings came a career spanning film, television, radio, infomercials, corporate videos, entertainment programs, podcasts and documentaries throughout the US, Canada, Eastern and Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Career highlights include:

Opened the Faux Pas Comedy Club in New Orleans featuring stand-up and improv.  His original headliner was a then-unknown Ellen DeGeneres.

Formed the Holocaust Education Film Foundation to preserve the stories of Holocaust Survivors.  Produced four full-length documentaries and dozens of interstitial videos.  In 2021 was awarded a Best Director Emmy for the National PBS release “I Danced for the Angel of Death,” starring  famed Psychologist and Survivor, Dr. Edith Eva Eger.”

Gave celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse “Bam!”

Produced, co-wrote and co-hosted two critically acclaimed pilots for television, “America’s Bargain Variety Show” and “Not For Broadcast,” the latter sponsored by Barq’s Root Beer.

Released in 2024, Produced, Directed, Wrote and Narrated “Mark – A Call to Action,” highlighting global Disability Advocate Dr. Mark Bookman,” a Fulbright Scholar and himself a fully-disabled individual who overcame insurmountable odds to earn a PhD from University of Pennsylvania, speak fluent Japanese and become a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Tokyo.

A larger snapshot of Ron’s career can be seen on his IMDB page.

Ron and his wife Vicki make their home in Charleston, South Carolina and are the proud parents of Ella and Lizzy.  Thankfully they look like their mother.